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About us

We’re a content management agency with an expertise in leveling up content.

Our services are tailored to provide your content with an added edge that will make you stand out, At RISH, our team of artists and strategists will help turn your content into a brand.

be it designing a unique video or thumbnail for you to managing your social media to doing the content research and SEO for your brand- We have got it all covered

Graphic design

From thumbnails to media-post we strategize and design it all.

Video editing

From video designing to editing we take care of all.

Media management

Reach out more auidience with consistent content across all social media platforms.

Our clients

Kind of channels we have worked with so far

Rish for businesses

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β€œ I'm so happy I found Rish and their team.
my content turned brand just spikes up
Every time we connect and get a new post up,
it's so good to work with them! ”
Chris Thomas
Youtuber/ Gamer
β€œ I always knew Rish was made up of the best techies,
I got them to set up my channel-media & they are just πŸ”₯
I can tell they're passionate about their work,
it was really great! ”
Suyog Kulkarni
Youtuber/ Education
β€œ I can't say enough good things about rish.
I love Rish official.
The team is so helpful in my YouTube videos with their services
and I can't wait to work with them again soon ”
Arnav Arora
Youtuber/ Tech.

Dream Team

Yaa, its a dream team because of the immense bond we share which makes the work fun...